MY SAFETY: Intelligent Solutions for Your Construction Project

There are many concerns when embarking on a construction project—none more important than safety. Beyond the physical risk to personnel and the general community, injuries on the job site can be costly in terms of liability, your company’s good name, the project’s budget and its completion date.

That’s why at PJ Dick, Trumbull and Lindy Paving, we believe a project is not completed successfully unless it is completed safely.

MY SAFETY means you can trust PJ Dick, Trumbull and Lindy Paving to ensure the well-being of your people, protect your good name, and complete your project cost-effectively.
Our Leaders integrate our safety values into everything they do, making our projects safer by always doing what is right. They:

  • Commit always to Safety Excellence.
  • Educate employees so they make the right risk decisions.
  • Plan for evolving safety efforts.
  • Empower employees’ safe behavior so they stop at-risk behavior.
  • Improve by learning from mistakes.
  • Celebrate safety successes.