Astrobotic Headquarters


Client: Astrobotic Technology Inc.
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Delivery Method: CM at Risk
SF: 53,000 sf
Cost: $9 million
Completed: 2020
Architect: AE7


PJ Dick is providing CM at Risk services for the 53,000-sf renovation of an existing manufacturing facility and data center into the new headquarters of Astrobotic, a space robotics company manufacturing lunar landers and rovers.

The Astrobotic Headquarters will be used to design, build, and test lunar landers and rovers all under one roof, and then operate those vehicles from their own mission control.

The facility houses the company’s spacecraft integration clean rooms, test facilities, lab spaces, rover test labs, payload operations room, and dedicated mission control. It includes general office space, conference spaces, and a cafeteria. Additional amenities are a new roof terrace and exterior upgrades and additional windows.


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