Site Work


PJ Dick routinely works with our sister company, Trumbull Corporation, to perform site development services on our projects. Trumbull Corp. is a customer-focused site development and excavation contractor with nearly 60 years of experience working for a variety of owners including developers, municipal and government agencies, industrial and the private sector.

Trumbull specializes in many unique techniques to excavate and grade sites, including the use of GPS guided survey systems and GPS equipped grading equipment. Additionally, Trumbull’s fleet of equipment is state-of-the-art and includes various sizes and capacities to support a variety of project sizes.

Trumbull is committed to utilizing the most current means and methods to ensure projects meet or exceed the requirements of governing agencies regarding stormwater pollution prevention. Experienced supervisors and adequate resources are assigned to projects ensuring projects meet compliance goals. The two top benchmarks by which we measure success is the protection of our workers and the environment.

Project Portfolio

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