Self-Perform Work

Our Self-Perform group can deliver a variety of services and are among the most skilled in the industry. Our team includes carpenters, laborers, cement finishers and operating engineers. These craft workers are retained by our family of companies and are considered valuable members of our team. A large number of our field supervision members are former trade workers who were consistently employed by the companies during their journeymen years.

Self-performance provides many benefits, including improved schedule control and coordination of work; direct access to labor supply; improved workmanship and quality; and the ability to react to unforeseen and urgent conditions.


•  Sitework
•  Drywall
•  Demolition
•  Rough Carpentry
•  Rebar
•  Foundation Installation
•  Concrete
•  Drilling and Shooting
•  Dredging
•  Excavation and Earth Work
•  Landfill Construction
•  Waterlines, Sanitary, and Stormwater Drainage Construction
•  Bridge Construction

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