Quality Control & Assurance

Our formal quality assurance/quality control program ensures clients receive quality services to achieve project goals. Based on the requirement that QA/QC is the responsibility of all project staff, our goal is to ensure that work is installed correctly the first time, resulting in a satisfied owner, reduced punch list and a project that is on time and within budget. More important, the quality control plan serves as the backbone upon which the project is measured.

For every project undertaken by our family of companies, a Quality Control Plan is required. This plan details the steps that assure quality results are achieved. Projects are audited to verify that the project team is compliant with the established quality control plan including the project manager to the superintendent, to the foreman/craft personnel and subcontractors, supplier and third party consultants.

For Trumbull work, we self-perform portions of the required QA and QC. In addition, on several projects we are an integral part of the process to perform independent QA and QC for both design and construction.

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