Construction Management at Risk

PJ Dick has completed billions of dollars worth of projects via the construction management at risk method. Our hands-on project managers and superintendents are engaged from day one in planning the project on paper so that construction is seamless and safe.​​​


Each project typically begins with a preconstruction phase that evaluates the building for cost efficiencies and quality construction. This phase may include:

  • Collaborating with the owner and designer via document review sessions as the scope is finalized to verify the design meets owner goals
  • Participating in subcontractor scope reviews to confirm that the design documents are complete to solicit accurate bids
  • Performing constructability/logistics reviews to assure that the ideas are constructable and acceptable to all involved
  • Developing a building information model for common areas to assist in constructability analyses
  • Performing value engineering to identify better and/or cost-effective methods of construction
  • Formalize the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), which fixes the price for the Owner and puts the contractor at risk to complete the job successfully


PJ Dick will manage the construction phase of the project with the same diligence, commitment, and transparency that we utilize during preconstruction. We provide on-site supervision of construction that includes:

  • Cost control through a transparent monitoring system
  • Scope management tracking to reduce change orders
  • Pre-installation meetings to verify all subcontractors understand how to build a quality project
  • Site safety reviews, including activity hazard awareness
  • Proactive schedule management, including three-week look aheads, to verify that every person on site understands their responsibility to deliver on time


Tower at PNC Plaza

PJ Dick is a firm which is more than capable of working on the most innovative and challenging office projects, yet they approach each job as if it is their only project and they give each project the personal attention it deserves.

Gary Jay Saulson

The PNC Financial Services Group

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