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Associated Unions

Construction craft workers, please note: Our companies are Union contractors. We have signed agreements to contact the local construction industry union halls when we have craft hiring needs. We are part of an association of member construction firms that utilize the same union halls, which means the union is not "our" union - but available to as many local contractors who want to sign that agreement. Thus, you may work for multiple contractors in any given calendar year. You must be able to travel to any of the locations that fall within the unions' geographic areas. You must have your high school diploma, or a GED or equivalent.

  • Apply here online to an opening for a craft position. Please indicate during your application which union you belong to. If you are not in a union yet, continue on with our application and submit it, and then follow bulleted item No. 3 below.
  • If you don't see an opening for your trade listed, we may not have a current need to hire that trade - so please check back with us again in the future.
  • Contact the union hall that you want to join. You can request information from them about their process for apprenticeship, membership application, testing, and interviewing. A construction apprenticeship is a good way to learn a construction career while earning wages at the same time. Unions like to keep their members actively employed, so if the union is slow (i.e., has a lot of members on 'lay-off'), it could hold-up whether they are taking in new members or apprentices. We have provided links below to the local construction craft unions.
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