West Virginia 9, Shenandoah River Bridge to the Virginia State Line


Delivery System(s): General Contractor
Location: Harpers Ferry, WV
Completion Date: 2011
Cost: $16 million
Client Name: WV Dot


The West Virginia Route 9 projects aimed to replace and relocate the existing two-lane roadway with a four-lane, divided highway in order to increase capacity and improve safety. Trumbull Corporation was awarded this 1.2-mile length of WV 9 in August 2009. During the project, the stretch of roadway between the Shenandoah River Bridge (replaced by Trumbull as part of a separate project) and the Virginia State line was relocated and reconstructed. Nearly 1.4 million cubic yards of soils were excavated and fills up to 120 feet were made to create the new four-lane WV 9. In addition to the earthwork, Trumbull constructed both a box culvert and bridge for the roadway. The bridge was a three-span concrete I-beam design, and was 340-feet long by 108-feet wide.

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