West End Bridge Sewer Relocation


Delivery System(s): Prime Contractor
Location: Braddock, PA
Completion Date: 2010
Cost: $13 million
Client Name: PennDot


In the summer of 2012, Trumbull Corporation began the two-stage reconstruction of State Route 30, Ardmore Boulevard, over Electric Avenue. The purpose of this reconstruction was to replace two existing steel bridges and two deteriorating MSE walls. In the first stage, to take place during the first construction season, the eastbound structures were demolished and reconstructed. The westbound structures were demolished and replaced during stage two in the second construction season.

The bridges are both 292-foot, two-span structures with 145-foot long precast concrete bulb tee beams. The bridge abutments are on pre-drilled H-piling and drilled caisson piers. The eastbound pier cap structure is unique in that it is a 71-foot span post tensioned straddle bent pier cap. Trumbull is also demolishing two nearby MSE retaining walls and completely reconstructing them. The foundation for these walls was redesigned to eliminate the need for micropiles. In addition to the primary bridge and wall construction, approach work, bituminous asphalt and concrete pavement replacement, drainage, sewer line relocation, guide rail, concrete barrier, highway lighting, signing, and pavement markings were included in the project.



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