The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center, West Wing Addition


Client Name: The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Delivery Method: CM at risk
Completed: 2015
Cost: $5 million
Architect: VEBH Architects


PJ Dick provided CM at Risk services for the 5,400 sf renovation and 11,300 sf addition to The Children’s Home & Lemieux Family Center’s pediatric specialty hospital. The expansion provided 14 additional patient rooms for medically fragile children, a new family room and kitchen, support facilities, and a penthouse for mechanical equipment.


Case Study: Safety

Safety was crucial on this job because the work site was connected to an occupied pediatric hospital. Our team worked with the client to develop an infection control risk assessment (ICRA) plan to protect patient occupants from noise and dust and prevent disruption of essential services. ICRA trained staff installed and monitored containment barriers between the work area and the occupied building. During heavy demolition and construction, permanent ICRA barriers were used to limit impact on the hospital as much as possible. When work had to be done in the existing hospital, semi-permanent or portable ICRA barriers were used along with plastic material and special tape to seal all openings. Negative air machines were also used to ensure contaminated air would not get into the active hospital space. The containment barriers and negative air machines were checked daily throughout construction.

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