Somerset Turnpike Renovations


Delivery System(s): General Contractor
Location: Somerset, PA
Completion Date: 2004
Cost: $105 million
Client Name: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission


Trumbull – Lindy, a Joint Venture, provided general construction services for the total reconstruction of twelve miles along the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. The project involved the construction/reconstruction of eighteen structures, approximately 1.2 million cubic-yards of excavation and grading, construction of eight Geogrid reinforced slopes, installation of new drainage structures, stabilization of the existing subgrade, and Superpave bituminous pavement. The eighteen structures included five steel multi-girder bridges, seven concrete beam bridges, five concrete culverts, and a pair of soil nail-retaining wall structures. The project also included the construction/reconstruction of the ramps at the Somerset Interchange, as well as upgrades to the ramps and parking areas at the Somerset Service Plaza and Maintenance Facility.

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