Eby Chiques Bridge over Amtrak and Norfolk Southern


Delivery System(s): General Contractor
Location: Manheim, PA
Completion Date: 2014
Cost: $8 million
Client Name: PennDot


Trumbull constructed a new bridge over two tracks of Amtrak and one track of Norfolk Southern on a new state route alignment named SR 4062. The alignment extended SR 4062 south from the intersection with SR 0230 to the railroad tracks continuing south to the terminus at existing Eby Chiques Road. The project included a new catenary and railroad electric traction (ET Plan) system. Once the new bridge was constructed, the existing at-grade rail-highway crossings on both Eby Chiques Road and Newcomer Road were closed and cul-de-sacs constructed to permanently close the crossings. The structures consist of one single-span prestressed concrete I-beam bridge and the approaches consist of four mechanically stabilized earth walls (MSE). Other items of work include: subbase (No. 2A), Superpave asphalt paving, guide rail, drainage, signing, pavement markings, and other miscellaneous construction.


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