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Kathleen Kiehl, Site Safety Manager

By -- Jessica

“I believe that in all aspects of life, living by ‘The Golden Rule’ — treating others as you want to be treated — benefits others whether at work, home, or yourself.”

Being in construction safety, I always hope that the information and guidance we provide as a company continues on with individuals past being on our projects. I hope that regardless of positions, project supervision and field employees, they all continue to work safely and help others to work and live safely today and every day on and off job sites.

It makes it all worthwhile when an individual makes a choice to work safely as a result of our safety efforts, and those lessons prevent an injury. Their choice benefits that person’s health, life, and loved ones.

The most enjoyable aspect of working in construction are the people we work with. We are surrounded by individuals that are smart, innovative, and considerate, which in turn makes a day, a week, a year, and overall project enjoyable and successful.

Pictured above: Kathleen Kiehl (left) and Christie Lichina (right).

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