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Christie Lichina, Administrative Assistant

By -- Jessica

“I love my job!”

I tell people you have to love what you do or it will never work. I look forward every day to coming to work to be part of a team, to help others with anything they need help with, to listen to others, to be there for others.

Let me just say this: I love my job, and PJ Dick (the family is AWESOME). There is nothing more rewarding then doing what I do. Some call me the Jobsite Shrink, Command Central, the Real Boss, etc., which in some cases is true.

I believe my strength is I take the time to listen, I am always pleasant, I love the job that I do, I am a team player, willing to help, and always have nothing but good things to say about our company, families, job, etc. — almost like a tour guide!

Pictured above: Kathleen Kiehl (left) and Christie Lichina (right).

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