People make it happen

Staff at PJ Dick – Trumbull – Lindy Paving agree on one thing: When you come to work, you work for and with family. The environment appreciates and encourages employee growth, teamwork, innovation and community involvement. Whether you are in the field working on a job site or managing an aspect of operations, you’ll play an important part in our success and wear the company colors with pride.

Paying it Forward 4/27/18 by Pat Daley
Courtney Glaub, Project Engineer 3/9/18 by PJ Dick
Anna Herold, Cost Engineer 3/9/18 by PJ Dick

Family Interview Stories

The Meadways:

Anyone who works in construction knows that dedication to the craft runs deep. Superintendent Bob Meadway and Project Manager Jeremy are one example of a family whose passion is helping projects come to life.

Bob began his career as a tradesman with PJ Dick 37 years ago, just as Cliff Rowe had begun his career as the CEO. He recalls Cliff walking the job sites, offering encouragement and praise to those on site. Originally Bob did not want his son, Jeremy, to pursue a career in construction. However, Jeremy knew from a young age he wanted to be a part of a construction company and when he began his career, he felt like he had a five-year jump on his peers because as he grew up, construction was a part of his every day surroundings.

Another reason Jeremy followed in his father’s footsteps was the familial atmosphere of the industry. When on site, his teammates shared stories demonstrating his father's quality work and work ethic. This encouraged Jeremy even more to effectively manage projects with a priority on quality and safety.

The Meadways have worked with each other on one project, but they share lessons learned. Another shared trait is their sense of humor -- hopefully you can experience their dry wit as a teammate on your next assignment!

Pat Daley